"This Life Class is EXACTLY what I was looking for!"-Ebony S.
Manifestion Program, The SpiesGirls
Expert Instruction In The Art Of Manifestation
Best on-line Magical School in The World!
Miki Spies, Sydney Spies, Life Coaches, Mother Daughter, Manifestation Coaching
"Thank you Miki and Sydney for creating this AMAZING life course! I plan to remain involved for the rest of my life. I feel like I'm getting my PHD in Universal Studies! The fee to belong is the best money I spend. I'm committed to my present. I'm assured of a spectacular future!" ~Victoria M.
Register  Now 
You will be shipped YOUR FREE
 Crystal Manifesting Crown
and you get... A FREE Magic Gift EACH MONTH , NEVER pay for shipping!!!
Sydney Spies, Fashion A Fairytale FREE Gift!
  •  HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: Each week you gain access to a GOLDMINE of NEW manifestation videos. Expect 3-6 of them per week (that's somewhere in the neighborhood of 250-300 FRESH videos on The Art of Manifestation a year!) They will always be available to you as long as you remain in the program. You can re-watch them many times over to fully rewire your brain and energy system. Our Fairytale Creators watch them again and again as they anxiously anticipate the next weeks lessons. 
  •  AMAZING WELCOME GIFT: The Ice Crystal Manifesting Crown is our welcome gift to you. Yours to keep. No obligation. Our thanks for trying us out for the first 14 days. No shipping costs to you!
  •  MONTHLY FREE MAGICAL GIFTS:  As a SpiesGirls thank you, and because you should be rewarded for  dedicating yourself to yourself (deep breath, long sentence) we send you something to remind you of how MAGICAL YOU ARE! Never pay for shipping.
  •  YOU ALSO RECEIVE... Easy, fun homework assignments you will ADORE!. You will feel empowered as the homework helps you cleanse bad habits and negative energy while you build new ones that benefit you. The homework PROPELS you along your Manifestation Journey! The program is not overwhelming, nor does it require much time. It's perfectly paced, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy the process while challenging you to take just the right action at just the right time. 
  •  Expect 1-3 Love Notes each week! These beautiful Love Notes are full of affirmations that speed up the manifesting process. They have the highlights from the videos to give you a quick overview of what you just learned. You may download the Love Notes and keep them on your devices to reference whenever you like. Yours to always keep!
  •  YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW... Spiritual Retreats for our Fairytale Creators planned as we speak. Gather with other high minded spirits whom wish to transform themselves and the world! 
  •  SPECIAL AWARDS: Fashion A Fairytale Manifestation Program rewards it's Fairytale Creators for their dedication to the program. Expect the opportunity to win prizes. 
  •  SUPREME COACHING: You gain access to manifestation coaches, professional organizers and decorators. You learn from financial experts, health coaches and spiritual healers. You learn from image consultants, entrepreneurs and writers. You will be in the best of hands. This program SAVES YOU MONEY!
  •  LET US NOT FORGET! You will, upon signing up receive Miki's incredible e-Book, 'Fashion A Fairytale; An Inspired Methodology For Manifesting Fantasies'. Fashion A Fairytale will captivate you from sentence one. You get the inside scoop of the life of this great manifestation coach. This book is yours to keep. You will find yourself referring to it often. 
  •  MOST IMPORTANTLY... You will have something beautiful to look forward to, something just for you. The SpiesGirls will become your new virtual BFF's. Your own private manifestation coaches cheering you along on this life journey. Love, understanding and a way to make personal transformation fun. You'll love this program. 
  •  AND YOU GET TO START FOR FREE! Sign up now and you will not be charged for 14 days. There is no risk. No contracts. You are free to leave the program if you decide it's not for you. Grab your 2 weeks of manifestation coaching for FREE now.
Mentoring You In The Life You Want.
Forget Student Debt and Outdated Courses...
The School Of Wellness Prepares You For Your Highest Life Calling.
Meet Your World Famous Manifestation Coaches.
Topics Covered in your Magical Life School:
Pillar One: Love Thyself
Pillar Two: Perfect Wellness
Pillar Three: Dreaming Up Your Image
Pillar Four: The Energy of Money
Pillar Five: Emotional Healing
Pillar Six: The Magic of The Stars
Pillar Seven: Divine Relationships
Pillar Eight: Miraculous Manifestation
Pillar Nine: Sexual Power
Pillar Ten: Business 101
The School of Wellness is FULL of Divine Revelations! 
Magical Manifesting Crown Is Yours To Keep!
No Obligation. No Shipping Costs! 
Fashion Your Fairytale with The SpiesGirls
Designed With Your Budget in Mind.
 ELITE Program Costs Less Than A Coffee Per Day...
Miki Spies and daughter Sydney Spies, manifestation experts
  • OUR MISSION is to get you operating in the FULLNESS of your Manifesting Power QUICK.
  •   WE HELP YOU RADICALLY improve your emotional, financial, mental and physical well-being FAST.
"The price of this program is manageable. The amount of knowledge that is given can not be measured. Get involved!" ~Dalton S.
Works Around Your Schedule.
Watch Course Videos Any Time You Want.  
Health Coach, Sydney Spies
I've been empowering EXTRAORDINARY SOULS for DECADES. 

My beautiful daughter Sydney works by my side. 


You are in loving, capable hands. 

~Coach Miki 

P.S. Do Not Miss Out. 
 "I have never felt better about myself. These manifestation videos are the HIGHLIGHT of my week! Signing up for this life course has made ALL the difference in my life." -Shannon F.
The School Of Wellness Gives You The Confidence You Crave.
It'sTime You Fell TOTALLY IN LOVE With Yourself.
Sydney Spies and Mom Miki Spies The SpiesGirls
"I almost didn't join because I thought it was going to take too much time. It doesn't. Now I'm MUCH more organized and have more free time to work on ME! Success!" ~Jennifer P.
  •  MANIFEST FAST: Happiness. Health. Wealth. Love. Security. Fame. Success. Independence. Self Love. 
  •  UNLOCK WEEKLY VIDEOS: You become financially, physically, mentally and emotionally powerful! 
  •  INCREDIBLE VALUE: Less than what it might cost you to buy a cup of coffee a day. WOW.
Your FREE Manifesting Crown Will Be On It's Way!
Sydney Spies, Miki Spies, Fashion A Fairytale
 Oprah Winfrey Credits Her Success To An Indestructible Inner Life. 
We Want You To Experience OUTRAGEOUS Life Success.
Miki Spies and daughter Sydney Spies, The SpiesGirls
"Loving this Manifestation group...I play your videos over and over and over again!!! You are helping me elevate my consciousness and awareness so much!" -Renee D.
Operate In Your Highest Success Starting TODAY.   
Fast Track Your Fairytale Life.
Upgrade Your Energetic System Immediately.
Miki Spies, Sydney Spies, Manifestation Experts, Fashion A
"I have gotten more out of Miki’s advice than I have from TWENTY years at a therapist. She’s effing life changing."-Michele C.
The Best Manifestation Methodology In The World! 
The 'The Law Of Attraction' Has Never Been Better Explained.
Miki Spies, Sydney Spies, The SpiesGirls, Manifestation Coaching, The Law of Attraction
"Loving the manifestation group! It has been intensive. I'm in Segment 3 Dreaming Up Your Image. OMG! I'm manifesting left and right!" ~Renee D.
Get This FREE eBook Too! Delivered IMMEDIATELY.
Manifesting Genius on EVERY Page. Delivered via Email Immediately. 
Miki Spies Author
"This book is a must read for everyone. It's empowering, inspiring and comforting all at the same time. Many thanks for writing something that helps us remember how strong we are!" ~Emerald E.
FREE Manifesting Crown Delivered When You Sign Up!
We Spoil Our Manifestion Students.
Sydney Spies, Miki Spies, The SpiesGirls, Fashion A Fairytale, Manifestation Program
These Manifestation Experts Have Been Featured All Over The World!
  • Good Morning America
  • Yahoo News
  • The Today Show
  • CNN
  • The Denver Post
  • The Daily Mail
  • Huffington Post
  • Denver Westword
Fashion A Fairytale WORKS FAST! 
Become Empowered From The First Weeks Lessons. 
Sydney Spies, Miki Spies, The SpiesGirls, Worlds Greatest Manifestation Coaches
"You fill my head with courage and confidence." ~Diana G.
Grow And Learn At The PERFECT Pace.
Fashion A Fairytale Provides The Love, Encouragement And Entertainment You Need To THRIVE!
Miki Spies, Sydney Spies, The SpiesGirls
"This life curriculum should be taught in schools! You even make understanding wealth, credit and taxes fun!" ~Emma E. 
Raise Your Frequency IMMEDIATELY With This FREE Book!
"Miki has written an amazing book that pulls you in from the very first page! In her completely unabashed style she shares her life and inner experiences with the reader, like few can. Her words speak to you, as if she is in the room with you, holding your hand. She is quick, and to the point, but always with love. I am a psychotherapist, and author myself ( Awakening: The Rise of Truth Begins ). I've been doing counseling for 27 years, and I can tell you that Miki's book is good therapy. The homework assignments at the end of each chapter allow you to experience the work being discussed and to feel the effects on your body and mind. Thus the work can get internalized. I highly recommend this book to you, and know you will enjoy this Love Spitfire, Miki Spies, as much as I did !!!!!"

~ Dr. Kazi Kearse PsyD. Awakening
Sets You Free From Discouragement, Depressed States And Sabotaging Behaviors.
Miki Spies, Sydney Spies, The SpiesGirls
"My heart always feels better after listening. No matter how bad I feel or what I’m going through, when I listen to you everything is okay with the world. You’ve given me back my hope. You empower me. I know now that I can accomplish anything." ~Kelly O.
"We can no longer blame our 'DNA'. New science teaches us it is epigenetics that dictate our fortune. You are constantly exposing yourself to programing that either detours your success or elevates your state. Our internal world and unconscious behavior must be regenerated in order to see radical transformation. Today is the best day to begin." ~Miki Spies, CoCreator The School Of Wellness
Together, We Create A Better World. 
When You Thrive, It Elevates The Vibration Of Your Family, Friend Circles And The Universe. If You Hesitate To Join For You, Do It For Those You Love.
Miki Spies, Sydney Spies, The SpiesGirls
"I feel like I'm involved in something much bigger than myself. I can not wait to attend the next Fairytale Retreat!" ~Monique S.
"This book is the perfect introduction to the enlightened philosophy and lifestyle of a groundbreaking woman. Miki's personality and voice shine through almost as brightly as her wisdom--if you're looking for an honest book that will make you think about not only your own life but the general (dis)functioning look no further. Brilliant." ~Hannah W.
Love. Happiness. Weight Loss. Prosperity. Self Esteem. Health. An Upscale Life. Positive Influence on Society. Peace. Wealth.
Miki Spies, Sydney Spies, The SpiesGirls, Fashion A Fairytale,
"Thank you. I feel happier than I have in a very long time. I'm making more money than I have in a long time and I'm healthier and feel more alive than I have since I was a child!  Words cannot express what you two mean to me."-Diana G. 
"My self love is growing fast! I lost 20 pounds in the first few weeks of joining this group and 18 pounds in the next. And it’s so easy! I wish I would have known all of this sooner. This group has SO MANY LIFE HACKS. Thank you SpiesGirls. I am so happy with my new body. There’s no stopping me now!" -Tamara F. 
Assume The Throne
In order to create a magnificent life you must fall madly in love with yourself. Fashion A Fairytale guides you through the process. 
Build Your Kingdom.
Your body, finances and relationships must be strong. Fashion A Fairytale gives you the support and tools you need in order to succeed.
Defend Your Castle.
To obtain long term success you need mentors, coaches and friends. Fashion A Fairytale gives you everything in one beautiful package.
Master This Earthly Realm.
Prioritize And Master Every Task. This Coaching Makes Even The Toughest Jobs A Breeze. Your State Of Overwhelm Solved.
Sydney Spies, Miki Spies, The SpiesGirls, Manifestation Life Class
"You've taught me more in the first two weeks of this program than in the 21 years of my entire life combined! Thank you!!!" ~Dalton S.
Free Gifts For Our Lovely Fairytale Creators
Fashion A Fairytale Spoils You Rotten! 
AMAZING FREE Gifts To Assist You In Manifesting Your Fairytale Life.
Princess Sydney Spies
"I used to work exclusively word of mouth for an upscale clientele. One day I realized what I really wanted was to make my brilliant Manifestation Methodology affordable so I could help as many people as possible. The School Of Wellness aka 'Fashion A Fairytale' was born!" ~Miki Spies CoCreator The School Of Wellness
Your Family Will Be Proud.
 Why Check In With Anyone About YOUR Self Improvement?! Take Action And Design The Future You Now!
The Art of Manifestion The Law of Attraction
"I made the decision that TODAY was the day my life changed. Thank you for creating this life school. My family is proud of me. I am chasing my greatness and I'm not checking in with or waiting on anybody!" ~Violet W.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

The Only Risk You Take Is If You Walk Away... 

No Contracts. 

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Fashion A Fairytale Manifestation Program
What An AMAZING Decision.

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The SpiesGirls Programs, and Miki Spies and Sydney Spies individually, are not responsible for your actions. You are solely responsible for your own moves and decisions and the evaluation and use of our products and services should be based on your own due diligence. You agree that The SpiesGirls Programs are not liable to you in any way for your results in using our products and services. See our Terms & Conditions for our full disclaimer of liability and other restrictions. 

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